Accepted by the Supreme Expert Council of

The World Turks Qurultay

On July 3, 2017 in Almaty City

Republic of Kazakhstan



We as participants of the Qurultay, see the opportunities for the sustainable development of the Turks world and its integration for the modern world in a close relation of our nations.

We consider that it is necessary to unite our efforts to strengthen cultural and integration processes among the Turks nation.

We invite the states and society of Turks to serve the common spiritual and cultural values of the Turks world.

Stating that, the Turks do not have unity, but this is not so. We have unity. It is in ideas and minds. Now, it is a time to transition the ideas into action.

Today, the Turks people are separated throughout the Eurasia, some has their own states and other do not have. Our nations profess different religions. There are also big nations, and there are those who is non- known. There are inhabitants of desert and taiga. However, if you will ask any Turk, whether we are one people, whether we are from the same ancestor, you will take answer as –“Yes!” We are relatives, our languages come from the same language, and we have a common homeland. In their hearts, the Turks are one, and it is the basis of any unity!  

Turks people are waiting for our supports. If we will not help to ourselves, then no one will help us.

Turks have difficulties in preserving their culture and language. There are small nations that are on the brink of extinction – they are disappearing so fast. There is a big problem of poverty, access to education, minimum social benefits. We must unite to solve these problems.

Our main strength is in understanding our unity.

We are one big family. However, in an ordinary life we are all live today’s problems of our community, only problems of our people. We are more than 160 million; we are one of the largest group of people in the world. We should unite, translate the idea of our unity into action, and we will solve our problems.

Where will the unification begin? Unity begins with each of us.

Many great things started with individuals, enthusiasts. In every nation, there are those who have the ideas of unity, who are ready to work for the good of their world, to fight for the prosperity and peace. We are those for whom the world “Turk” means something, and should unite their efforts.  

Our territory – is our future. We must enter the renewed world by a renewed people.

Each of our people and tribes with ancient history has great stages of history, and periods of exaltation, when we created empires, and periods of dramatic decline. However, our ancestors are not we. We need to make the Turk World better now. With the new times, it is necessary to speak the language of the new times. The World is developing rapidly; we are on the verge of amazing technological changes.  We must enter this new world, which gives great opportunities.

Humanity. Progress. Spirituality.

Our idea is - Humanism. Progress. Spirituality. We unite the values of humanism, progress and spirituality, for the name of the prosperity of the whole world. We are part of the global world, and responsibility for its preservation lies with us.

Humanism. The 21st century, despite the improvement in the lives of the vast masses of humanity, is becoming a time of dehumanization. We must return humanity to world politics, to the practice of communication between the peoples.

Progress. The Turks must become the foremost people. The best education, the best skills, activity in entrepreneurship, in public life. “Turks” is now rather a historical concept; it is a history of nomadic empires, disappeared peoples, conquests in antiquity. The word “Turk” should become a symbol of advanced civilization.

Spirituality. We are our cultures and values. We must preserve and multiply them. Our people always have been distinguished by spirituality, the desire for moral perfection.    

We, the participants of the Qurultay, guided by the high ideals of cooperation for development, realizing the role of and significance of the humanitarian integration of Turk nations, declare:

              - We must promote the cultural convergence of the Turk people, the creation of a common information and cultural space;

              - The idea of cooperation, should become the most important imperative of sustainable development of all Turk people;

              -It is necessary to take measures to preserve and develop the spiritual values of the Turk world.

In this way, we are offer:

To declare that the World Turks Qurultay (WTQ) is an international non-political platform designed to unite all the Turk people for cultural and spiritual integration.

- Recognize the Supreme Expert Council as the executive agency of the World Turks Qurultay, acting on an ongoing basis;

- Take note of the contents of the materials of Qurultay, as a document that determines the direction of common actions;

- To promote the creation of a World Nomadic Culture Center on the territory of Kazakhstan (Astana), from each of the Turk peoples to provide thematic filling of its ethnic sections;

- To initiate the holding of the World Turk Games on a regular basis in different countries of the world;

- To put forward at the level of the First Persons of the states the initiative to create a single Turk alphabet;

- Take measures to support small Turk ethnic groups in the preservation and development of national culture and values. Especially pay attention to the fate of the disappearing Turk peoples, namely, the Shorians and Tofalar;

- To create a Council of progressive youth within the framework of the World Turks Qurultay, with the purpose of broadcasting ideas of the revival of the Turk world among the younger generation.

 - Make the World Turks Qurultay annual;

- In order to ensure the effective implementation of the above tasks, a Leader is needed at the level of the First Person of the State. For the services to the Turk peoples it is proposed to support the repeated voiced initiatives of many participants of the World Turks Qurultay about awarding the status of “Turk El Ata” (Spiritual Leader of the Turk peoples) to the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev.

Participants of Qurultay thanks the organizers of the World Turks Qurultay 2017 for providing a platform for discussing issues on further strengthening cultural and spiritual relation between representatives of the Turk peoples for mutual cooperation.

The organizing committee of the World Turks Qurultay 2017 expresses gratitude to all participants of Qurultay.